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Front Sight Post Tool,4 & 5 Prong Long Design, Front Sight Adjustment Tool

star tactical supply

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  • Front sight adjust tool. Front sight adjust tool has dual ends to work with both 4 and 5 prong front sights ( A1 / A2 Style ) very well made solid steel construction. Makes adjusting front sight post quick and easy.
  • Double ended adjust tool. Double ended adjust elevation ( 4 prong/5 prong ) front post adjusting tool for adjustment of 5-Prong A1 or 4-Prong front sights.
  • Steel part : One piece precision machined steel part.Front ight adjustment tool is quicker and easier to push that pin down and adjust the front post, adjusting the front sight.
  • Patterned surface 4 & 5 Prong long design tool is easy to hold on to due to the patterned textured grip surface,precision machined steel part and friendly use.
  • Precise adjustment:  Easy precision elevation adjustments for standard 4-Prong and 5-Prong front posts enhancing shooting accuracy.Note: since the product is mass-produced, there will be a little flaw on the surface and inside of the product. If you are more concerned about this, please buy carefully.In addition, the size of the product has been marked on the picture. Please pay attention to the size when ordering to avoid inappropriate size after purchase.